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  • Collection of talent

    would you like to keep courtship letters in the past? Do you have the diaries which record your growth? Do you have some collections of calligraphy and paintings of celebrities? Do you have any souvenirs that you inherit from your elders? Is there a variety of gifts coming from your friends? Is there any albums that recorded you traveling experiences? Small space with various uses, China Self Storage will allow you to store years of memory with private storage space of less than 1m³.

  • Travelling a lot

    For those who have to travel frequently can often feel troubled with storing their expensive items. Self storage can become the solution for long-term travellers. We can make you feel ease, relieved and comfortable.

  • Talent that occupy the home

    If you need to throw away the undersized children's clothes, or have too much seasonal clothes to store, or collection of shoes and bags that take up too much room and space. China Self Storage provide services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We can be your space management expert.

  • Business elite

    business elites: business elites can store a variety of cultural, sports, leisure and luxury articles. Self-service warehouses are equipped with strict temperature and humidity control system in order to protect the safety of your goods forever.

  • The memory of childhood

    Children’s items are always increasing; from small clothes and shoes to car seat and toy car, or even the pictures of father and mother drawn by children. Everything records the trace of children's growth. China Self Storage provides you with different sizes of self storage positions, by which you are allowed to store full memories with small space.

  • furniture

    Moving and renovation takes a lot of work. It is possible that you may stain or ruin your furniture and household appliances wherever you put them. China Self Storage provides three-dimensional space to ensure rational use of space; constant temperature and humidity environment, protects your furniture against any damage. Security system of international standard can ensure the safety of your goods. China Self Storage will help you solve the problem of limited space.

  • piano + red wine

    They have a high environmental requirement while you need to go out for trips or leave home for a long time. The wine cabinet is so full that there is no spare space for countless red wine or white wine to store; Golf rod, fishing rod and other entertainment goods accumulate too much; China Self Storage makes your home life much more comfortable.

  • home furnishing master

    As it is necessary to change the proper dress for the season, different clothes need to put in order. You can only keep the clothes for the season at home, clean and spacious, self storage is your new wardrobe, a new space for better home life.

  • files, folders

    the company files are trivial and complex, financial documents are required to keep long but need not be checked very often, space land is highly prized, and China Self Storage is allowed to take responsibility for your storage.

  • office supplies

    the purchase of office supplies and other fixed assets takes up too much space of company; While consumables have to be bought in large quantities; too many customers’gifts are accumulated and hard to store; just put them into the warehouse of China Self Storage then you can store or get your goods whenever you need, it is safe and economic.

  • exhibition appliances

    props and items for exhibition suddenly fill up every corner of company; Publicity materials are piled up and it is hard to deal with at the moment; China Self Storage located in New International Exhibition Center not only provides 0.5-35m3 storage space, but also can customize the size of the storage position according to the special needs of customers, nothing is impossible.

  • Excellent Companies

    office rentals in area of CBD increase year by year, high-speed business development of company makes the office more and more crowded, self storage provides professional storage space for the enterprises; basic information of company (financial documents, customers’information, human resource files, etc), office supplies and office furniture all can be stored, services such as query and access can be provided at any time; therefore, the work time can be saved, the cost can be reduced, and the work efficiency can be improved.

  • Mailbox service (collection, sending)

    For the convenience of time and space management of customers, China Self Storage has launched mailbox service - collection of letters and parcels, which keeps your business running more smoothly.Methods for using mailbox (picture: mailbox of company)1 After receiving a letter or parcel post, we will inform you by email, SMS or phone, please pick up it in work hours;2 If the mailbox is full or the package is too large to be put into the mailbox, it will be put into the storage cabinet with corresponding size and remain for a week free of charge , more than a week at the normal price of storage fee;3 The key of Mailbox shall be kept by our company; please tell us your phone number and ID number whenever you pick up the letters or parcels;

  • Storage insurance

    For additional protection of your storage items, China Self Storage buys 5000 RMB liability insurance for each storage position, in the event of fire, flood and other accidents (except that law has a regulation that it is beyond the scope of coverage),.The insurance company will authorize and settle claims according to the specific circumstances.

  • Moving Services

    House moving is the first conduct. I DO Moving could give you the different international enjoyment within the same traditional industry.