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  • Company profile China Self Storage Co., Ltd. plays a part in introducing international industry standard and is focusing on developing self storage service here in China. Our company provides families, companies and individuals with self-storages that are between 0.5 to 39 cubic meters. Our storages can be rented at any time, and you can store and take your items at your own will.The new self-storage concept ensures that you can store and take goods at any time, as well as provide you with non-interference and non-touching privacy security. Full membership management and computer identification system can also guarantee your exclusive rights and superior service quality.
  • Recruitment

    Looking to develop the brand in the future, China Self Storage is planning to create a global chain of international standard public storages. We are going to set up three new branch stores and ready to develop in the Shanghai market during the year 2013. As our company is developing rapidly, we need all kinds of talents to join our team. If you are interested and ready, please send your resume to:

  • Our superiority

    Easy and Convenient

    We have best control system such as thermostat, humidistat and automatic dust removal to safeguard your items. Our storage access is flexible and convenient. You can access your storage at any time.

    Security and Privacy

    We provide 24-hour security service and state-of-the-art cutting edge computer monitoring systems to safeguard your property. Lock the storage and you keep the key. Customers enjoy interference-free service that's better than a “bank safe”.

    Economical and Practical

    We provide you with an individual storage space. You don’t need to share the space with anybody else and you can increase or decrease the space according to your needs.

  • Our Service

    China Self Storage hopes that

    Every smile from us will bring you comfort

    Every effort from us will bring you happiness

    Every detail we have paid will bring you ease

    Every effort we have made will bring you satisfaction

    Our mission is to bring the best service to you and satisfy your highest pursuit of quality!

  • December special

    1、Free rental for the first month (Only for 30 m3 below).
    2、25% off for units above 30 m3 with 1 year lease. 20% off if lease is less than 1 year.
    3、40% off for units from 3-6 m3.
    4、225% off for units not yet covered by the above-mentioned with lease less than 1 year.30% off with 1 year lease.

    X-mas Special: Openning units before X-mas, you will enjoy another month of free rental.

  • Mail Box Promotion

    For the convenience of time and space management of customers, China Self Storage has launched mailbox service - collection of letters and parcels, which keeps your business running more smoothly

    From April 21 to May 21, 2013, China self storage offers you mail box service as a big gift.
    (1) You are free to use three months e-mail service when you have leased and been the member of china self storage. And if you need to use mail box service for long time, than terms (2) is also suitable for you.
    (2) China self storage have different discount for mail clients.
    A. if you rent for 5 months, you can enjoy 8 discount (79 Yuan/month).
    B. if you rent for 12 months, you can enjoy 75discount (74 Yuan/month).
    C. if you rent for 24 months, than you can enjoy 7 months free (70 Yuan/month).

    If you need more details please dial our hotline: 400-600-6378

  • Latest Trend

    1.China self storage set up the second space management as China new enterprise

    2.The advanced and first-class mini self storage founded in Beijing
    3.The CEO from the PTI Headquarter in USA visits China Self Storage:

    4.Beijing Television Every Day Life Channel reports China Self Storage’s
    opening day:

  • Choose Us— China Self Storage

    Our Mission

    To provide professional storage solutions for you and to be your storage management expert.

    Our Vision

    Leading international industry standard and to become an effective space-maker partner for families, companies and individuals. To play the leading role of the self-storage business in China.

    Core Values


    We are staffed with customer-focused professionals, who love what they do and always put clients in the first place.

    Makinghard things simple

    Our innovative expertise combined with the modern system have standardized and simplified the complicated processes, which offers our client high quality service.

    Pursuit of excellence

    Be dedicated to provide professional and superior customer service through non-stop learning process and self-development.

  • Collaboration

    On March 18th, industry leader will open in Beijing

    China Self Storage Co.,Ltd. proudly introduces an international industry standard of professionally developed Self Storage, the “Number One Chioce”.
    On March 18th, 2013, china self storage hosted Opening ceremony, which located in Jin’an Building, Tianzhu garden west st.,Shunyi District, Beijing. And China Self Storage officially became member of the SSA (Self Storage Association). We are committed to provide perfect international standard service
    We are hoping to become the forerunner of the biggest public storage chain store. Welcome to join us.
    If you are interested in joining business negotiation, please dial the number 13466588736.

  • Sponsor ship

    China Self Storage is the gathering place for caring donation

    A. Consultation. Consulting hotline: 400-600-6378

    B. Donation.

    1.address for mail donor: Jin’an Building, Tianzhu Garden West Rd., Shunyi District, Beijing. zip code/101312 contact number/400 600 6378

    2.address for live donor : Jin’an Building, Tianzhu Garden West Rd., Shunyi District, Beijing. accept time: Monday to Sunday 10:00-18:00

    Storage number:3003

    C.Donation certificate issued on the spot, which is a symbol for love and care.

    D.Donations will be delivered to concentric reciprocal headquarters regularly, your donate information will be announced on website of concentric reciprocal headquarters.